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Логотип Российского квантового центра


Coherent Microoptics and Radiophotonics

Key researcher

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Igor Bilenko

Участники группы

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We are doing optical experiments with optical frequency combs based on nonlinear microresonators in visible and near infrared regions and are working on narrow-band lasers and electro-optical modulators based on high-Q microresonators

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The group was founded in March 2014. The main directions of research are associated with whispering gallery mode optical microresonators – compact transparent crystalline disks or spheroids that can catch light with a giant quality factor up to 10^11. We are investigating different classical nonlinear and quantum effects in microresonators and are looking for practical applications. Optical frequency combs can be used in compact devices for material absorption spectroscopy, calibration of astronomical spectrographs to search for exoplanets, in fiber-optic telecommunication data networks with record speed, for fast distance measurements (LIDAR), as well as in a synthesizer absolute optical frequencies. Another focus area is the study of microresonators composed of electro-optic materials for radiophotonic applications and cavity quantum electrodynamic experiments.

In its field, the laboratory is one of the leading in the world. We can manufacture crystalline high-Q microresonators of any geometry using industrial precision diamond turning equipment.

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