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Логотип Российского квантового центра

Group of

Many-body theory

Principal investigator

Georgy Shlyapnikovopen popup with info about leader of the science group
Georgy Shlyapnikov

Team members

    Prof Vladimir Yudson

    Prof Vladimir Gritsev

    Ph.D. Aleksey Fedorov

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We work on discovering novel many-body topological quantum states and analyzing protected quantum information processing with these states, as well as finding novel quantum fluids and disordered systems with non-conventional transport properties

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Modern quantum technologies are strongly oriented towards the construction of devices for quantum computation and the creation of new quantum materials in the nanoscale. Successful developments in these directions require new ideas with theoretical support. With this purpose, the Many-body theory group was created at the RQC in August 2013 (Georgy Shlyapnikov, Professor and group leader, and Alex Fedorov, student). In September 2013 Vladimir Yudson joined the group, and a few months later Oleg Lychkovsky (now at Skoltech) completed the group. In the autumn of 2017 Vladimir Gritsev joined the group.

Research topics