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Логотип Российского квантового центра

Group of

Quantum Information Technologies

Principal Investigator

Aleksey Fedorovopen popup with info about leader of the science group
Aleksey Fedorov

Team members

    Group members:

    Evgeniy Kiktenko

    Denis Kurlov

    Ilya Luchnikov

    Julio López

    Anatoliy Antipov

    Vyacheslav Dubinin

    Anatoly Lotkov

    Lieuwe Bakker

    Anastasia Nikolaeva

    Alena Mastiukova

    Maxim Gavreev

    Dmitry Norkin

    Yaroslav Zolotarev

    Elena Petrova

    Vsevolod Yashin

    Denis Kulikov.

    QApp scientific team:

    Mikhail Kudinov

    Alexey Zelenetsky

    Denis Nabokov.

    QBoard scientific team:

    Anton Bozhedarov

    Maria Sapova

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We develop new algorithms for quantum information processing and protocols for quantum communications, which use unique properties of individual quantum systems. Our group participates in the RQC Quantum Machine Learning Initiative

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The group is investigating the potential of quantum systems in terms of its use in information technology. We study quantum-optical systems, as well as multiparticle ensembles of ultracold gases of atoms, molecules, and excitons. Our group has developed new protocols and post-processing algorithms for quantum communication systems, as well as new approaches to quantum information processing. We are also studying the potential of classical machine learning to describe quantum phenomena and the possible acceleration of machine learning algorithms through the use of quantum computing. We work closely with colleagues from the University of Paris-Sud, University of Oxford, Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore (CQT), Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, and Skoltech.

We have developed a protocol for a quantum-protected blockchain [Nature (London) 563, 465 (2018); Quantum Sci. Technol. 3, 035004 (2018)], and our error correction algorithm in quantum communication systems demonstrates record-breaking indicators in terms of efficiency [Phys. Rev. Appl. 8, 044017 (2017)].

Research topics