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Логотип Российского квантового центра

Group of

Quantum Simulators and Integrated Photonics

Principal investigator

Alexey Akimovopen popup with info about leader of the science group
Alexey Akimov

Team members

    Vladislav Tsyganok

    Elena Kalganova

    Emil Davletov

    Vladimir Khlebnikov

    Daniil Pershin

    Vadim Sorokin

    Denis Sukachev

    Aleksandr Korneev

    Anton Zeleneev

    Aleksandr Berezutsky

    Dmitry Shaykin

    Boris Kudlatsky

    Leonid Zhulikov

    Olga Rubinas

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Thulium (Tm) atom is a good candidate for quantum simulation due to high orbital momentum in the ground state allowing to investigate dipole-dipole interactions and to observe Feshbach resonances in a low magnetic field

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The group was founded in 2013. The research directions are laser cooling and quantum simulations with thulium atoms; integrated solid state quantum circuits (including development of integrated detectors); integrated fiber systems of quantum logic with single atoms. The major field of our research is quantum simulation – the method of building a controllable quantum system to model a real hard to compute on a classical computer quantum system. Ultracold atomic ensemble localized in optical lattice is convenient platform for quantum simulations. A wide variety of simulation applications is promising: understanding of high-temperature superconductivity, the investigation of topological quantum matter; observation and control of quantum matter at the level of individual atoms; the exploration of fundamental phenomena in statistical physics. Thus, quantum simulation is a prospective approach to investigation of complex quantum systems.

The group is currently working on evaporative cooling of an ensemble of spin-polarized thulium atoms, studying collisions in such an ensemble and controlling the interaction between atoms with the help of Feshbach resonances and controlling the internal states of the atom. The group is also working on the creation of fiber-integrated single-photon sources and quantum keys.

Research topics