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Логотип Российского Квантового Центра


Vulnerabilities in Quantum Systems

Principal applied investigator

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Vadim Makarov

Visiting Professor at University of Science and Technology of China (USTC)

The "Vulnerabilities in Quantum Systems" group Principal Applied Investigator

Участники группы

    Mikhail Petrov

    Poompong Chaiwongkhot

    Anastasia Ponosova

    Konstantin Zaytsev

    Darya Ruzhitskaya

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It is more interesting to break than to make!

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The main direction of research for the group is testing practical security of quantum communication systems, finding and demonstrating new loopholes, and helping to develop and test countermeasures. For example, quantum cryptography is absolutely secure in theory. However, practical implementations often deviate from the theory description, which leaves loopholes for eavesdropping. By openly publishing all our results, we ensure hardening of quantum communication technology against all possible attacks. This work will also contribute to certification standards for quantum communication equipment.

Website of the lab – http://www.vad1.com/lab/

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