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Technology of the RQC spinoff – DEPHAN LLC – was demonstrated at international exhibitions

Technology of the RQC spinoff – DEPHAN LLC – was demonstrated at international exhibitions

DEPHAN, the spinoff of the Russian Quantum Center, is actively promoting its project in international professional forums.

So, at the Laser World of Photonics 2019 exhibitions in Munich (photo above) and ICQT-2019 Open Day in Moscow, the work of the DEPHAN photomultiplier as a part of the LiDAR stand was shown. Unlike competing solutions, the DEPHAN photomultiplier can operate under conditions of strong background illumination, is manufactured using CMOS-compatible technology, and can contain many photosensitive elements on a single chip. Such a combination of parameters is highly demanded, in particular, in the LiDAR market for unmanned vehicles and drones. The market for unmanned vehicles is now experiencing a real boom, which stir up the interest of manufacturers in new technologies.

The direction of analog photodetectors with increased dynamic range, high sensitivity and speed was opened in the RQC in 2013. In 2014, the Analog PhotoDetector (DEPHAN) project was registered as a separate company and began setting up the technology on the fab, and in 2017 the first working sample of the device was already obtained. Currently, samples of DEPHAN photodetectors have been tested by a number of international companies, and start of industrial manufacture is scheduled for next year. In most key markets, technology is patented.

By the way, Channel One recently spoke about DEPHAN technology: you can watch the corresponding video here.